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State virtual agent, a chatbot powered by AI, that can understand different types of questions and provide people with official information in Lithuanian or English to guarantee trustworthy and accurate answers.


Official state virtual agent working 24/7

Our state digital employee works 24/7 and responds to thousands of questions at the same time on topics like coronavirus, movement restrictions including travelling, state support for entrepreneurs, unemployment, education, access to basic needs, services status (church, cultural places, civil services, waste management, police) and more. viLTė will take the heavy load so public employees can focus on the difficult questions where we humans make a difference, not on the easy and repetitive ones.

viLTė is an automated chatbot, whose main task is to make sure that you and everyone living in or visiting Lithuania get their questions answered from official sources. viLTė will be integrated into several public websites. During the emergency situation related to COVID-19, viLTė helps to provide accurate and trustworthy information in English and Lithuanian.



Helps with official information during the emergency situation. No fake news.

Public websites

Can be easily embedded into public websites and popular sites.

Free humans time

Helps to keep emergency phone lines open, specially during peek times.

Continue after crisis

Plans to continue its work after the COVID-19 crisis as an official channel.

The story of viLTė

State virtual agente viLTė was one of the ideas from Hack the Crisis hackathon organised by LitBAN, GovTech Lab (part of MITA) and Vilnius Tech Park.

viLTė team during the hackathon:
Team lead Marcos Daniel Martinez, Dalia Tija Armonavičiūtė, Ruta Danytė, Zygimantas Zabieta, Laurynas Giliauskas, Jonas Brazys (Baltas Media).


Pitch video during the Hack the crisis Lithuania:

viLTė demo video English

viLTė demo video Lithuanian


Contact and cooperation requests

Wish to use viLTė on your organization’s website? Wish to help us as a volunteer? Need additional information? Please write us an e-mail to with details on your ideas and skills.


About Wize AI

Wize AI are the developers of Suve Estonia and viLTė Lithuania. We have also implemented the virtual advisor for SEB bank in the Baltics.

About our technology partners

If viLTė does not give you the answer you are looking for, please contact the Lithuanian government’s official phone number for COVID-19 crisis.